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estate planning faq

You can use estate attorney services to ensure that your assets are distributed correctly when you pass away. Even though you may be able to write a valid will on your own, having an attorney available will help ensure the process is completed correctly. It is important to have all the details in writing for your family after you die. The conflicts between beneficiaries and wills won’t happen as often. Save your family some heartache and do it right while you are still alive.

Looking for an online estate planning faq? All of your questions can be answered by a lawyer. Do wills have to be filed at the county level? It depends on where you live. The same goes for our wills that are filed at the court. You want to make sure your lawyer is familiar with local laws, since the answers to many questions are highly local. Working with an estate specialist will give you all the help you need in writing your will.

Estate planning documents

Most of us don’t deal with estate planning on a regular basis, and that is probably best. It is a complicated and messy business, with many regulations and fine print. It’s for this reason that specialized attorneys exist — they can do the hard work for you. Here are some reasons why people hire estate attorneys:

Plan and Write a Will

It may not be easy to make a will. In many states, you are required to have your will prepared by a professional lawyer or estate attorney. Even a small mistake can invalidate all of your intentions. Making a will can be a difficult task for many people, as they don’t want to think about their own death. However, it is important in order to protect your family. Around 71% of people under the age of 34 do not have a valid will. You never know what will happen, but you can control the outcome of your death with a well-written will.

Power of Attorney

In healthcare, a power of attorney is when you give someone else the authority to make decisions on your behalf in the event you are not able to. Around 38% of adult people have a power-of-attorney, which is especially useful for those who are not married, as the spouse usually fills this role. A power of attorney can be drafted by an estate lawyer to ensure you receive the care you desire if ever you are unable to do so.

Probate and Trust Administration

If you’re on the other side of estate planning, dealing with assets and debts that someone else has left for you, you may need an estate lawyer versed in both probate law and estate planning. If there is a will in place, you’ll have to verify it, select an executor and deal with estate taxes. You’ll also need to identify the heirs. It can be a painful and long process, particularly for family members. Hire a professional who can help you ease the process.

You don’t need to do it all yourself. A lawyer can help you avoid headaches and save money.

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